David and Goliath Games launch Bloky Line. Download Bloky Line for FREE here.

The power of fun

Empowering you to help fight poverty by simply having fun
  • Mobile Game Industry Growth

    The mobile gaming industry is a massive $25billion a year

  • David and Goliath Games think Bloky Line can really make a difference in the World!

    With so much fun being had, what if 25% of all that fun…

  • Convert gaming fun, playing Bloky Line, into a force for good

    …could be converted directly into a force for good

  • Together, David and Goliath Games think this is possible

    We think it’s possible, together let’s make it happen



At David and Goliath Games, we like a challenge.

A year ago, we set about seeing if we could use our experience as product designers to create unique and compelling mobile games.

But we didn’t stop there.

We think the mobile gaming industry can change, and change for the better. We want to prove that it is possible to make a tangible difference in the fight against poverty simply by enjoying great games.

This model opens the possibility for millions of people around the world to support causes they believe in just by continuing to do what they love - playing games.

We know the industry isn't going to change overnight, but together, let’s prove this model works.

So join us and get ready to play, knowing your fun is bringing a second chance for someone else.

David and Goliath Games Founders

David Richards & Peter (Goliath) Newell

Co-founders, David and Goliath Games Ltd.


Watch these counters to track the potential impact of Bloky Line

12 Game Days
600 School meals provided
38 Labourers paid
224 Emergency food packages


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